To our mentors and funding committee …

Thank you!

— To our mentors and funding committee …

We couldn’t run this program without the amazing support we get from our mentors and funding committee. Each group dedicates their time to helping us achieve our goals in the EEVF and LYBN program.

We could not do this without you!
Thank you. Franky & Stacie 

Funding Committee:
Jay Linnehan
Sherri McCormack
Germaine Vigeant-Trudel
Judith Hogan
David Basile
John Chemaly
Susan Anderson
Judy Mabry
Richard Chavez

Rob McCollum
Bob Union
John Femia
Colin Proctor
Fred Auciero
Thomas Hargis
Kevin Willet
Angela Mastrogiacomo
Rafeal Fronseco
Kim Morrissey
Pete Bagley
Brendan Toolin
Anne Marie Messier

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